5 Best flower mountains in the world

flower mountains

Flowers have a charm about themselves that adds beauty to everything including a landscape when they are present in huge numbers. There are thousands of flower fields across the world but the ones that are present in the high mountains are truly a vision to behold. The combined beauty of the mountains along with the colorful flowers tends to transport you to a land of butterflies and fairy tales. Among the many flower mountains in the world, a few have been listed below. A trip to any of these places is worth the effort and money.

1. Valley of Flowers, India

flower mountains
Image source- https://pixabay.com/photos/mountains-meadow-4334153/

One of the most mesmerizing places in India is the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. This magical places is in the western part of the Himalayan Mountain Range and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the unique ecosystem. The Valley of Flowers is covered with several mountain flowers such as poppies, lilies, calendula, primroses, rhododendrons and chamomile which look magnificent when in full bloom. The surrounding snow-capped mountains, glaciers and waterfalls add to the breath-taking nature of the place.

2. Scottish Highlands, Scotland

valley with flowers in Scotland
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The north western part of Scotland is covered by mountainous region called the Scottish Highlands which contain some of the most scenic places of the country. The highlight of this region is the purple mountain flowers known as heather that carpets these hilly regions during the spring and summer season. The blooming of the purple heather transforms the entire landscape of the Scottish Highlands making the hills take up a vibrant shade of purple. The best places to witness the beauty of the heather blooming is Ullapool and Cairngorms.

3. Antelope Valley, USA

beautiful mountain with flowers
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The usual desert like hilly terrain of California is transformed in the spring season with the blooming Californian poppy flowers that grow on mountains. You can witness this natural beauty when springtime begins and the hilly slopes are covered in a bright orange hue due to the thousands of poppies blooming together. This time of the year attracts several visitors and photographers who come to the Antelope Valley to capture this stunning view. The good weather along with a slight breeze is a great time to visit and also get a glimpse of the wildlife in this region including the bobcats and coyotes.

4. Sibillini Mountains, Italy

Beautiful flower mountains in the world
Image source- https://unsplash.com/photos/eQbTPuD7Yq4

The small village of Castelluccio that sits on top of the Sibillini Mountains in Italy attracts a large crowd when the places comes to life with a blooming of several beautiful mountain flowers that shrouds the place in a riot of colours. The huge grasslands of this village is covered with blue, white, lavender, yellow and red flowers during the blooming season that adds to the beauty of the place. Situated at a height of 1452 meters above sea level, this place is easy to reach and attracts several photographers from all across the world that are interested in capturing this natural magical wonder.

5. Blue Mountain Ridge, North Carolina

Mountains with flowers in USA
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The list of Flower Mountains cannot be complete without including the Blue Mountain Ridge in North Carolina. This mountainous region is covered with several flowering plants and rocky mountain flowers with the rhododendrons growing in majority. The blooming of these plants in summer season blankets the slopes of the Blue Mountain Ridge in vibrant colours which are a treat to the eyes. The scenic view attracts several visitors who can hike to see these floral sights from Ashville. This place also hosts the North Carolina Rhododendron Festival in June where people can be a part of several activities and enjoy the street food and dancing as well.