Top 10 Hill Stations in Indonesia

When we try to picture Indonesia in our mind, the image of cluster of islands and the sea comes up the most. The Southeast Asian nation is a volcanic island-cluster that is popular for its beaches, jungles, culture, food and tropical weather. But it is also a hidden gem for mountain and hill lovers. Hill stations in Indonesia can seem like an oxymoron but in reality, the island country is the home to some of the best hill stations in the world. So, if you are planning a tour to Indonesia, lets take the off-beat course this time and add some hilly places in Indonesia in your checklist as well.

1. Bogor

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This used to be the living arrangement for the Dutch Governor General who controlled Indonesia. It was also the end-of-week retreat for the Dutch when they wished to escape from the Jakarta surge during summer. The cooler temperature is a relief here despite the tropical climate of Indonesia. If you are looking forward to scenic beauty and cooler weather, this is a great weekend as well as vacation destination. The Botanical Garden here is also a major attraction to tourists.

2. Deing Wonosobo

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Deing Wonosobo was particularly noted by the Dutch for the fertile land and natural beauty. They set up many tea, coffee and tobacco plantations here and turned the place into a very agreeable neighborhood. Today it is the center of crop trade in the island country and a peaceful residential area. The Deing plateau is a popular tourist attraction. Moreover, the surrounding hills and mountains, the 8AD Arjuna temples together makes it one of the attractive hill stations in Indonesia.

3. Berastagi

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Berastagi used to be a manor community and was shadowed by the volcanic mountain Mount Sibayak. If you are looking forward to find one of the best hill stations in Indonesia, Berastagi must be there in your list. The Mount Sibayak is a stratovolcano. There are stream vents and hot springs around the place which have been popular tourist destinations to visit on a vacation to Berastagi. The town is furthermore noted for Markisa and Orange farming which are superior quality thanks to the elevation of the town at 1300 meters above sea level.

4. Ungaran

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The first striking thing about Urangan is the slightly different landscape that is breathtakingly green and beautiful. It used to be a military base for the Dutch. The place is rich in history and has a scenic incapacitating scenic beauty. You will find the Fort Willem II which built in 1786 here. Apart from that, it is a home to many Dutch style architectures and a heritage destination. Besides the mountains, there are many waterfalls, baths, the Sango Temple and water parks. It is located in Central Java and is one of the most popular honeymoon places in Indonesia.

5. Malino

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Malino was a resort built for the Governor-General Caron. He was the ruler of Sulawesi at one point. It is a historically remarkable place as this is where the negotiation that resulted in the formation of Republic of Indonesia Union took place. Today, the place is an attractive tourist destination for the cool climate and natural beauty, tea plantations and flower gardens.

6. Bandung

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Bandung was named the Paris van Java by the Dutch because of its opulence and tropical magnificence. It eventually became a much-loved retreat for the Governor-General Daendels. It is particularly popular among the Jakartan population ever since the Jakartan-Bangung expressway was built and is one of the popular hill stations in Indonesia. The convenience of travel made this a popular Indonesia hill station among the locals as well as foreign tourists. Natural beauty, culinary tours and shopping tours together make this a fun and activity-intensive vacation destination.

7. Malang

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Malang used to be a restrictive zone for the Dutch and European individuals. It was an exclusive place for the rulers. The Dutch ruler designed Malang as an independent city. It was designed for luxury and comfort of its residents. Today it is one of the most exquisite destinations for tourists in Indonesia who are looking forward to a comfortable vacation and scenic beauty to engulf their senses. It is one of the most popular destinations in East Java that offers culinary tours, amusement parks and beautiful mountains.

8. Lake Toba

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The Lake Toba is a popular hill station in Indonesia, rich in beauty, and culture. It became the center of Christianity in Sumatra at one point. It was also one of the most challenging conquests for the Dutch because of the resistance from its residents. The lake Toba is the biggest lake in Indonesia and located at a height of 904 meters above sea level. The greenery, small hills and the serene township surrounding the lake make it a very peaceful vacation retreat. If you are looking forward to a relaxing vacation, this is a perfect place.

9. Munduk

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Also called the “the village above clouds”, the Munduk Village is located at the height of 900 meters from the sea level.  The coffee, cocoa and clove plantations you witness here were established by the Dutch in 1890. The landscape is stunning and the weather is fairly pleasant- neither too humid nor biting cold. This made the town a perfect retreat for the Dutch. Today, it is one of the hot-spot tourist destination in Bali. It is particularly noted as a trekking destination and can be reached from Denpasar after a 2.5 hours drive. It is located in the Banjar, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

10. Tana Toraja

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This was the last region conquered by the Dutch in the South Sulawesi. The aerial view of the region is a cluster of terrace farms, a lot of greenery, scattered pine forest and hills and valleys blending in to the mist. The worlds tallest statue of Jesus at Buntu Burake is also located here. It is 40 meters high and built 1700 meters above sea level. The panoramic beauty of the hills surrounding the place and the culture make it a curious destination for tourists all over the world.

A trip to Indonesia remains incomplete without including at least a couple of these places. The hill stations in Indonesia are unlike the conventional cold and snowy mountains, making it a perfect destination for those looking for a tropical weather. Now that you have a list of places in Indonesia that can satiate the adventurer in you, planning a vacation would be much smoother.