Terms and Conditions

  • This online art platform is strictly for children on or below the age of 10. We want to showcase the talent of the little artists to boost their confidence to pursue the field of art.
  • Parents will be required to encourage their children to participate and send in their artwork to michelle.pereira2025[at]gmaildotcom
  • Parents must click a picture of their child holding the artwork to verify that the painting has been done by them. They will have to send this picture on the abovementioned email id with the name, location and age proof of their child. Do not worry, we won’t publish picture of the child. It is just means for verification and will be safe.
  • All paintings and artworks that are received will be uploaded on the website hillyplaces.com for our visitors to see. A few paintings will be selected by a panel of judges for a surprise gift that will be sent to the selected participants. We will contact the respective parents through their email id.
  • This platform is not a place for spammers as we do not provide any backlinks to any other website or social media.
  • Make sure the painting is original and made by your child. The participant and the painting will be disqualified in the event of a copyright issue and will not be uploaded/ removed from the website. Honest participation is appreciated and encouraged.

To all the little Picasso’s, this is your time to shine and show the world what you’re capable of. So start creating and get coloring!