Top 10 Hill Stations in Belgium

hill stations in Belgium

Belgium, the land of chocolates and home to the Red Devils, and a charming destination for a peaceful vacation. It is situated in Western Europe and is world-famous for its Renaissance architecture. It is an abode to vintage castles, museums, churches and amusements, making it a spectacular destination for tourists worldwide. It is a huge canvas for picturesque suspended towns, dotted by beautiful architecture. It is also a land of many beautiful hills and mountains. This article will shed light on best hill stations in Belgium:

1. Ardennes

Hill stations in Belgium
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It is a famous hill stations in Belgium and is preferred as one of the top destinations by adventure lovers. It is a one-stop destination for trekking, camping and biking. This spot is a beautiful abode to thick forests, cliffs and caves and is home to Belgium wildlife. Horse riding, cycling and mountain biking are a few other sports this place is famous for among tourists. The valley also witnesses castles, forts and citadels.

2. Dinant

Belgium Hill Stations
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One of the most trending locations among tourists is the town of Dinant which is located approximately 28 kilometers south of Namur. It hosts a beautiful citadel that gives a mesmerizing view of the town. The town of Dinant sits on the banks of the river Meuse and is a beautiful blend of ancient architecture. The narrow streets of this town have plenty of stories to tell visitors. Another major landmark of Dinant is a sixteenth-century Collegiate church of Notre Dama that encloses a 100-metre onion-shaped dome with a unique perch on the side of the cliff.

3. Damme

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This scenic spot is located twenty minutes, accounting for six kilometers ride to the northeast of Bruges and one of the honeymoon destinations Belgium. It hosts many restaurants and bookstores, making it a perfect spot for picnics. It is a remarkable place in history as it witnessed the battle of the Canadian military. One of the most famous spots of Damme is the See Hoeke Windmill which welcomes visitors to watch the mechanism of mill grain. A visit to the famous Church of Our Lady can be another beautiful activity to undertake in this town, and if one climbs up the tower, they can experience the breathtaking view of Damme. The magical tree tunnel is another captivating spot that blends nature and peace.

4. Spa

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If you are looking for relaxing Belgium hill station, Spa is the perfect place for you. The town located in the Andrennes region of Eastern Belgium is entitled “Café of Europe” and the “Pearl of Andrennes”. The waters of Spa are internationally acknowledged and form the basis for the town’s nomenclature. It is a beautiful meeting spot for people who love culture, nature, sports and motor racing. It also hosts international music and theatre events. Spa is famous for numerous flowing springs called Pouhons in every nook and corner that tourists can access. 

5. Bouillon

hill stations in Belgium
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A town in Southern Belgium famous for Bouillon Castle on the banks of Semois River, it is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Belgium. The Bouillon Castle is the town’s highlight and hosts a Vacubian flight of stairs inside it which is a mesmerizing structure to watch. The Primitive room, the well, and the Godfrey of Bouillon’s room are other famous spots inside the castle. There are various hiking routes in this town. Tombeau du Geant and the viewpoint of Frahan at Rochehaut are a few awesome spots one must try when in Bouillon.

6. Vaalserberg

Hilly places in Belgium
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It is the tenth highest point in Belgium, with a height of 323 meters. It is a junction between Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The part of the hill in Belgium is in the province of Liege. The three-country point depicts the flags of all three countries with a small monument marker. This place enjoys a huge influx of tourists due to a tower on the Belgium part that allows a breathtaking view of the nearby area. The hill is often used as a spot for Annual Amstel Gold Race Cycling since 1966.

7. Croix Scaille

hill stations in Belgium
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A nature-centric spot in Andrennes bordered by Semosis valley on the north and Meuse on the east, it is one of the popular hill stations in Belgium. This spot is tagged as the highest point in Southern Ardennes and the ninth highest point in Belgium, with a height that accounts for 505 meters above sea level. The plateau of Croix Scaille shares its borders with France also. Bois de Saint-Jean covers the plateau on the Belgian side, named after the river crossing the border. It is covered by Bois des Haies which resemble beech trees on the French side.

8. Baraque De Fraiture

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It is one of the tallest summits and is tagged as the fifth highest point and third highest in Belgium, accounting for a height of 652 meters above sea level. The place has a ski area comprising three pistes; these pistes are open for less than twenty days annually. This place is known for providing memorable memories to tourists through various activities. Alpine skiing, cross country skiing and sledging, surf or snowblades are a few options offered by this highest ski slope. 

 9. Baraque Michel

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It is the fourth highest point in Belgium, wing a height of 673 meters above sea level. It is located in Jalhay, a Belgian municipality in the High Fens reserve.  This old inn was the highest point in the country till 1919.

 10. Mont Rigi

hilly places in Belgium
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This is announced as the third highest point in Belgium, with a height of 680 meters above sea level. This place attracts tourists as a spot to enjoy a walk through the High Fens nature reserve. The High Fens are Belgium’s oldest and untouched landscapes and the last remaining high moors in Europe. During winters, this place is transformed into a popular skiing spot. Mont Rigi also offers many hiking trails to tourists. Eifel Nature Park is a famous spot in the High Fens that encloses wilderness and untamed beauty. La Fagne de la Poleûr is a 3.3-kilometre circular trail that offers good scenic views.

A visit to the hilly places in Belgium is rather offbeat. But you can always make your vacation more relaxing and memorable by choosing such places.