6 best mountain towns in Canada for skiing

best mountain towns in Canada

Canada is a country that enjoys a varied geography that is complete with mountains, lakes and beaches which makes it a perfect vacation destination that has something for everyone. It some of the best picturesque mountains in the world which are worth a visit especially during winters when the air is crisp, the snow is white and the weather is perfect for hot cocoa and skiing. If you’re someone who enjoys the cozy winter vibes and are looking for the perfect place for a skiing holiday then make sure to visit the best mountain towns in Canada listed below for the perfect winter holiday.

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

The finest ski resort that Canada has to offer is Whistler and Blackcomb which are two mountain peaks that make up the largest ski resort in the country. The place receives an average of 35.5 feet of snowfall every year giving you ample of skiable terrain for both beginners and experts. The two peaks can be reached by an 11 minute gondola ride and people can ski down the slopes. Additionally, the beautiful mountain towns of Whistler and Blackcomb have a lot to offer to the tourists, so make sure to visit the town and the local shops.

Mount Tremblant, Quebec

If you want experience the Alps without having to leave America then you should head straight to Mount Tremblant in Quebec. A part of the Laurentian Mountains, Mount Tremblant has around 95 ski trails for both beginners and advanced skiers. The slopes are great for snowboarding as well. A beautiful European style town I at the bottom of the slopes makes this place a perfect family friendly vacation destination and one of the most visited mountain cities in Canada.

Banff Sunshine Village, Alberta

Located at around 15 minutes’ drive from the Banff national Park is the Banff sunshine Village which is a paradise for skiers in the Canadian Rockies. Known as the home for the best mountain towns, Alberta is full of several peaks that are ideal for skiing but the best among them is the Sunshine village where you can see the mighty Rockies rise above you while you ski down the smooth slopes of the three mountains in Sunshine Village.

Big white, British Columbia

British Columbia has some of the best mountain towns in Canada and Big White is one of them. Regarded as one of the best ski resorts of the country, Big White boasts of more than 2700 acres of skiing terrain that is apt for skiers of all levels. The surrounding mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop as you ski along the slopes. The floodlights come to life when the sun goes down and you can enjoy skiing under the moon too. Apart from this, you can enjoy dog sledding, ice climbing, hot tubs and gorgeous mountain views.

Lake Louise, Alberta

One of the best cities for skiing in Canada is Lake Louise in Alberta with its frozen lake for ice skating surrounded by towering glacial mountains which are ideal for skiing. There are open bowls, vertical couloirs, groomed runs and relaxing greens to test you skiing skills. You can also soak in the views of snow-capped forests and explore the rugged mountains of the Banff National Park. Don’t forget to visit the ski villages after sundown and indulge in some delicious local cuisine in one of their many restaurants and bars.

Blue Mountain, Ontario

Blue Mountains is a popular vacation destination for most tourists and a great skiing destination during winters. The mountains are not very high but the terrain is great for skiing. In addition to that, the charming village of Blue Mountain is dotted with several high end shops and bars that offers entertainment and food to its guests all year round.