6 Best Mountain Lakes in the World

There are many famous lakes sprinkled across the planet earth, but the ones that are situated among the high mountains have an otherworldly charm to them. These mountain lakes are not just beautiful but are also home to a niche ecosystem that is unique and rare. Mountains lakes are worth visiting especially for people who are looking for a place which is beautiful and relaxing. Here are some of the best mountain lakes in the world that one should definitely visit at least once.

Pangong Lake, India/Tibet

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Situated at a height of 4225 metres, the Pangong Lake of India is the highest saltwater lake in the world. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, this lake has a land locked basin and striking blue water. The tourist can reach the lake with the help of a guide and enjoy the breath taking scenic views this place has to offer. There are a few restaurants and places to stay alongside the lake where you can enjoy camping, lakeside bonfires and other activities. During the winter months, the lake is completely frozen but is still open to tourists who visit to witness the winter wonderland.

Lake Titicaca, South America

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The beautiful Lake Titicaca is situated in the Andes Mountain Range between the borders of Bolivia and Peru. It is the largest lake of South America which is nestled among the snow-capped mountains at a height of 3800 meters above sea level. This huge lake and glittering waters along with a stunning scenery that makes it one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the world and attracts several tourists. Visitors can enjoy hiking or a boat ride to one of the islands at this popular holiday destination.

Moraine Lake, Canada

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Canada has several beautiful lakes in hidden in national parks such as moose mountain Provincial Park and turtle mountain Provincial Park. But when it comes to beauty, nothing can come close to Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. Situated among the Valley of Ten Peaks in the Canadian Rockies, Moraine Lake is known for its azure blue waters which are an unforgettable sight. One of the most iconic lakes in Canada, Moraine Lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and pine forests which the tourists can explore by hiking or paddling through the waters.

Crater Lake, USA

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Image source- https://pixabay.com/photos/crater-lake-oregon-mountains-winter-1751456/

One of the top attraction of Oregon, USA is the Crater Lake situated in Mount Mazama. This lake on the mountain was formed when the volcano erupted and collapsed more than 7000 years ago forming a lake. The Crate Lake is the deepest lake in USA and is famous for its deep blue water and the surrounding scenery. People can enjoy several recreational activities such as hiking, cycling and camping apart from capturing the Instagram worthy pictures of the place.

Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland

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Another beautiful mountain lake that is Oeschinen Lakes situated in the Oeschinen Valley of Switzerland. It was created by a huge landslide in the mountains and is fed by several mountain creeks. This lake is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and a part of it used for generation of electricity and water supply to the neighboring areas. It is frozen in the winter months and people can enjoy ice fishing during this season.

Lake Como, Italy

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A favorite vacation destination of people from all over the world is Lake Como in the norther part of Italy. Surrounded by rolling hills covered by forests, this lake is the perfect place for rest and relaxation with its Italian hospitality and the sun kissed shores. The lake is lined by picturesque villages, villas and palaces that offer a comfortable stay to its visitors. Several mountain activities along with the delicious Italian cuisine are some of the attractions in Lake Como.