Top 6 Hill Stations in Hungary

hill stations in Hungary

A country that owns romantic architecture, plenty of thermal baths and picturesque nature makes it the best place to visit for everyone. And this is how you can define Hungary. The Ottoman invaders, as well as the Renaissance designers, shaped the identity of this country. So, get ready to explore the top six hill stations in Hungary and plan a great time with your friends.

Hungary has a division of three geographic regions that include the Transdanubia, the Great Alfold, and the North Hungarian mountains. Most Hungarian mountains have an elevation of fewer than 200 meters, while some of the hills are 300 meters. The highest ranges are mostly included in the North Hungarian Mountains. These best Hungary mountains are yet to unleash; let’s take a look.


hilly places in Hungary
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The list must start with Kékesteto, the highest mountain in Hungary, with an elevation of 3,327 feet. It is the highest point in Hungary also. Kékes is a part of the Matre range, located in Haves county. This is the third most visited mountains in Hungary for vacation by visitors, and you can have a lot of hotels to stay in there. The name of this mountain was made after the bluish colour it has. Kek is the Hungarian word that stands for blue. You can climb up this range through Gyongyos or Parad. The first route mentioned is more difficult than the rest. This range is famous for bicycle racing and skiing.


When speaking about hill stations in Hungary, Hidas-berc is known as the second-highest peak of Haves and the second-highest mountain in Hungary. With an elevation of 3,185 feet, Hidas-berc is more popular as a volcanic mountain with its rugged slopes. This mountain is famous for climbing and hiking. Visitors prefer visiting Hidas-berc after Kekes for its uniqueness. The summits are covered with winter snow, and thus, it sources water for seasonal rivers.


Hungary hill stations
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 So, here comes the third highest Hungarian mountain, Galya-tető, elevated at 3,163 ft above sea level. You will find thousands of tourists climbing this mountain throughout the year. The Haves County is in charge of conserving the mountains, and the generated revenue goes to,

Galya-tető, This is more of a village with forty-five residents. You can climb or hike the mountain with a moderate level of experience.


Hill stations in Hungary
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This mountain lies right at the border of two counties, Pest and Nograd. Its height is 3077 feet, making it the highest place in these two counties. Ancient volcanoes made it up over nineteen years ago. When the eruption took place, Csóványos and the surrounding mountains stood up, and the Altar Valley Stream was created. Thus the mountain has got amazing rock formations. Amid the forest that has covered the mountain, several trails lead you to the top. There is a geodetic tower of 23 metres erected right at the mountain summit. If you are lucky with the weather, you can enjoy the view of the High Tatra from the summit. Csóványos can be reached by train. The railway connects it to the Coal Creek Valley.


Istállós-kő is a Hungarian mountain 3143 feet above sea level. Being the second-highest range of Bukk and the sixth highest of Hungary, Istállós-kő is one of the must-visit hilly places in Hungary for any tourist. You can access this mountain from Szilvásvárad, and the long tourist path connects you to the cave in the mountain. Pál Roskó discovered this archaeological place im 1911. This cave had bones and tusks of bison and more. Now it has been turned into the Hungarian National Museum. The newest research has found a trace of the species from the Ice Age. Apart from that, a huge number of faunas and bird species have also been discovered.


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Nagy-Milic, known as Veľký Milič in Slovak, happens to them is the highest peak of the Zemplén Mountains (the Hungarian part of the range). The Zemplén Mountains range is an important part of the Carpathian Mountains. Nagy-Milic is located on Hungary and Slovakia border. At a height of 2933 feet, it is close to the northernmost point of the country.

Now, before you start or prepare for your trip to the hill stations in Hungary, here are some interesting facts you would love to know.

-Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, was the place where the 1st subway line of continental Europe took place.

-The name of the capital actually comprises two separate parts, Buda and Pest. The river Danube has separated these two parts.

-The Hungarian Parliament is the 3rd largest parliament building in the world, with 691 rooms and 20 kilometers of stairs.

-Did you know Hungary is heaven for an ornithophile? This country in central Europe has more than 400 bird species. If you love birds, Hungary can never go off your Wishlist.

– Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Sea (note it down as a place to visit), has covered almost 600 square kilometers. It is considered the largest lake in Central Europe.

Each day, 70 million liters of thermal water rise to the surface in Budapest.

-At the Summer Olympic Games, Hungary achieved the 8th rank for medalists in the world.

-Hungary has worldwide fame for its hot springs and spa towns. Can you imagine that the country has above 1300 hot springs? Yes, it is true.

-For any wine lover, it is a piece of great news that Hungary is the first official wine region in the world.

-Hungary owns ten national parks, thirty-five landscape protection areas, and one hundred and forty-five minor nature reserves.

If you are yet to plan your trip to Honeymoon places in Hungary, you can visit these mountains. Also, apart from hilly places, a trip to Hungary will only be complete once you try the signature dish, i.e. goulash. Step into any Hungarian restaurant, and you can get a plate of it. In case you are looking forward to spending a day with a different activity other than hiking, visit Fisherman’s Bastion.