Top 5 Hill Stations in Greece

Have you ever wondered where God lives? According to mythology, there might be a lot of places that you can call the house of Gods. It can be the mountains, underwater, forest, sky, or somewhere else. But the Greeks were assured that their Gods lived in the mountains. From Mount Olympus to Parnassus, almost every mountain in Greece has some of the Gods residing there. On a sunny day, you can just visit any of the hill stations in Greece, and you will get to know why people believe them to be sacred. That special something will always remain as the mountains endure through the ages.

Greece, a beautiful country with above 300 mountains, several coastal paths, and awe-inspiring nature, will always be why people love to be there. Here are the top five to choose from if you are searching for mountains in Greece for vacation.

Mount Olympus, Thessaloniki

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Mount Olympus is considered the highest mountain in Greece. Ancients believed it to be created during the battle of the twelve Gods and Titans. Once the battle was over, it became the home of the gods and the throne of Zeus. The underlying rock of mount Olympus is limestone, and the rugged landscape it has got by the gorges is breathtaking. This entire mountain range has above fifty peaks and Mytikas is the highest among them at 9570 feet.

The slopes of this mountain are filled with pine forests, and the beautiful place was turned into a national park in 1938. With several plants, birds, animals, and fun activities, you can find everything you want in one of the mind-blowing hilly places in Greece here. The national park is famous for joyous activities like rafting, hiking, jeep safaris, and more. You can enjoy authentic Greek foods there in Litochoro, a nearby small village. Dion, the closest city to this place, is dedicated to Zeus while the temples are for the rest of the ancient Gods. When you are at Dion, pay a visit to Archaeological Museum to explore the unknown history of Mount Olympus.

White Mountains, Chania

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When you are planning to visit the best honeymoon places in Greece, you are supposed to visit the ancient city of Crete. The White Mountains is in the western part of the city and has many summits that remain snow-covered during the late spring. The name itself originates from there only. Throughout the late summer, the snow-filled peaks still shine as soon as the sunrays touch them. Pachnes, the highest range of this mountain is more than 8000 feet.

Samaria is one of the most well-known and longest gorges in Europe. Starting from 4000 feet it flows for around six miles towards the southern coast which you can hike in a day. With higher plateaus among the peaks, it has a fantastic landscape to fall for. Also, the place is considered one of the wettest spots in Europe. Several other gorges are there to visit only if you are a seasoned hiker or an experienced traveler. Exploring the rugged beauty takes a lot of effort, and most visitors limit their journey to easily accessible ones.

Mount Parnitha, Athens

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When talking about the significant hill stations in Greece, Mount Parnitha is one of them. It is situated just a few hours away from Athens. This place is very popular among the city-dwellers, and if you are new to the Greece mountains, this is going to be a memorable day trip for you. Walking around Lake Beletsi, the pine and fir forest will leave you in awe of their serene beauty. Though the lake is artificial, it has become a refuge for wildlife.

The dense national park around the lake has a wide range of animals like red deer and rabbits, along with numerous bird species. Are you interested in visiting ancient caves? Then Mount Parnitha has a surprise for you. The slopes of this mountain were cut into caves, one of which is dedicated to the god Pan. During their survey, archaeologists came across countless oil lamps inside the cave. When you are done visiting the place, you can plan your overnight stay in Athens while enjoying the dramatic sunset across the mountain.

Mount Eros, Hydra

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What if your holiday to the Greece mountains allows you to have a carless trip? Yes, you read it right. As you head towards Hydra, your trip is going to be confined to donkey carts and horses. Hydra, considered one of the most tranquil Greek islands, can be your ideal destination if you are a Nature lover. This place is a heaven for musicians and artists to spend their days happily with their art.

Walking up to Mount Eros will keep your vacation mood on if you are ready to take the rough way. There is always an option to go by cart ride; have water with you. You may rest at Profitis Ilias Monastery, where you can get some water and trees for shade. A number of small shops you will find there have regional souvenirs like incense. When you reach the summit of Mount Eros, you will witness the view of Hydra with sea and islands around. Bless yourself with the positive aura you will receive from the monastery.

Mount Kynthos, Delos

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Do not go by height. This 370 feet Mount Kynthos will still be the highest point to visit at Delos remote island. This island is an open-air archaeological museum. Delos was one of the most sacred sites in Ancient Greece. Take a boat ride and enjoy the view of the temples and statues shining bright under the Mediterranean sun. As you reach the summit, the Sanctuary of Kynthian Zeus and Athenae will be waiting for you there. The Sanctuary of Zeus Hypsistos will be near as well.

If you have not planned because you feel Greece is a bit expensive, start with the savings immediately. Hope this guide will be of great help when planning to take your next trip to the remarkable hill stations in Greece.