Top 10 Hill Stations in Romania

hill stations in Romania

Old towns and rocky mountains, rich history and many myths- if a vacation means all these to you, Romania is your destination. It lies in the southeast part of Europe and is a nation of contrasts. It is not just the home to Dracula but showcases the amalgation of nature and culture perfectly. We have compiled top 10 hill stations in Romania specifically to introduce you to the rugged and virgin beauties of this country.

1. Transfagarasan

hill stations in Romania
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Transfagarasan is rightly called “the best road in the world”. A drive through this can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is a paved mountain road that crosses the southern part of the mountains of Romania. It is tagged as the second highest paved road in Romania. At the height of 2,040 metres, one gets a breathtaking view of exotic nature. Transfagarasan was built in 1970 by Romania’s ruler Nicolae Ceausescu, and it took four years to complete. Initially designed as a dedicated military route, it is now open to all. This road is open during the summer season and closed during winters.

2. Fagaras Mountain

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Fagaras Mountains are the highest and one of the most beautiful hill stations in Romania. It is part of the Southern Carpathians mountains and is one of the most trending hiking, skiing and trekking spots. This spot is a natural heritage to a huge variety of flora and fauna, giving a divine touch to the spot. However, this famous spot encloses dangerous trails like “Three Steps from death” and other challenging ways. This spot is open between June and September.

3. Calimani National Park

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A protected natural reserve on the Northern side of the Eastern Carpathians and a perfect spot to undertake adventure activities is the Calimani National Park. It offers the first-hand experience of walking over the traces of a volcano. One can witness rich biodiversity at every corner and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views and a huge volcanic landscape. Calimani is one of the youngest mountains in Romania, covering an area of approximately 2000 square kilometres and a height of 2,103 metres above sea level. In this Romania hill station you can witness natural attractions 12 Apostles, Lezerul Calimanului, Tihu and Bauca.

4. Sureanu Mountains

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These mountains belong to Romania’s Parang range in the Carpathians. These mountains border the Cindrel Mountains and are located north of Jiu valley. It is one of the popular hill stations in Romania. The mountains cover an area of 1,5815 square kilometres, and the highest peak’s height accounts for 2,130 metres above sea level. Another attraction of these mountains is Lake Sureanu which is situated towards the east of Sureanu Peak. Witness the magnificence of vast alpine meadows and underwater rivers. Hiking along the trails of the Sureanu Mountains can never be a wrong decision.

5. Carpathian Mountains

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These mountains house 45% of Europe’s carnivores and shelter the largest track of unfragmented forests, making it one of the top hilly places in Romania. The Carpathian Mountains are spread over 1,500 km, with a significant portion in Romania.  The mountains stretch for approximately 900 kilometres across Romania. It is divided into three main groups: the eastern, the Southern and the Western groups with a distinctive landscape. Calimani National Park, Rodnei Mountains National Park, Ceahlau National Park, etc. are few of the hiking spots in these range of mountains.

6. Piatra Craiului National Park

Piatra Craiului National Park Romania
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This is one of Romania’s most popular hiking locations and honeymoon destinations Romania for the adventurous couples. It is only a few kilometres from Brasov and about three hours from Bucharest. Researchers found 216 butterfly species, over 100 bird species, and 35 invertebrate species globally unique in this park. Additionally, in the park’s vicinity, more than 40% of the mammal species from Romania are free to roam. The dense forests and the beautiful grasslands complete the landscape.

7. Rarau Mountains

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Rarau offers some of the most picturesque mountain views in Romania, despite its modest altitude, much lower than the nearby massifs from Calimani National Park and Rodnei Mountains National Park. Rarau is famous for the unmistakable silhouettes of the “Lady’s Stones.” The Rarau Mountains, which overlook Bucovina’s immense natural landscapes, are dominated by towers made of sculpted rock. The mountains contain dense spruce forests, over 320 plant species, and the iconic big carnivores like brown bears, wolves, and lynxes. The spot is also home to a wide variety of birds. This place is a perfect gateway from the usual chaos.

8. Bihor Mountains

Apuseni National Park Bihor hills
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These iconic mountains are a part of the Apuseni National Park, a protected area with untamed landscapes, ancient caves, and stunning waterfalls. Even though it is not as tall as the other Carpathians, its biodiversity and picturesque hiking trails make for an enjoyable experience. Since some of these mountain pathways are among the oldest in the nation, and a few are over 100 years old, hiking will be a true adventure through these trails. Bihor Mountain has a ton of undiscovered waterfalls and caverns that are well worth exploring. Cetatile Ponorului, a collection of caves with broad stunning openings, or Vartop Cave, which contains human footprints, is worth visiting.

9. Rosia Montana in Apuseni Mountains

Rosia Montana in Apuseni Mountains
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Rosia Montana in Apuseni Mountains is known as a mining town because of the presence of rich mineral deposits, especially iron. The major tourist attractions are the Roman mines and the Mining Museum. The Roman mines are a symbol of the historical legacy of the Romanians. The Alburnus Maior Roman Gallery, which is 2000 years old, is a highlight of the town. Rosia Montana galleries, gold mining exhibition, and the five churches are a few other destinations one should explore when in Romania.

10. Narcissus Mountains

hill stations in Romania
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Beginning in mid-May, a five-hectare-long carpet of white, fragrant daffodils covers the eastern side of Saca Peak in the Rodnei Mountains in the spring. People who have been to the Narcissus Valley during the height of the flowering season claim that the sweet aroma of the blooms can be felt for miles in all directions, borne by the wind.

Romania is a country of rich culture and ancient history and folklores. But the hill stations in Romania are equal attractions to tempt you about planning a vacation here.