Top 10 Hill Stations in Netherlands

hill stations of Netherlands

Netherlands, popularly known as Holland, is a country located in the northwest part of Europe, bordered by Belgium towards the south, Germany to the east and the North Sea to the north and west. It is one of the few countries that still have the old world Scandinavian vibes and a major tourist destination for nature lovers and history buffs. The land is also entitled as the Sixth happiest country in the world. The hill stations of Netherlands are breathtaking spots for a perfect vacation. Check out the top ten places you can go.

1. Signaal Imbosch

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Signaal Imbosch is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Netherlands. It is located in the Rheden municipality in the province of Gelderland. It is known as the highest point in the European part of the Netherlands with a height of 110 meters above sea level. It lies in the Veluwezoom National Park, which is a 5000-hectare reserve and a famous spot among tourists. It is the first official national park in the Netherlands and is formed of forest, heathland and sand drifts. A viewpoint in the middle of the park known as Posbank is one of the most visited spots. The park is a perfect spot for walking, cycling and other leisure activities like horse riding and mountain biking due to its extensive network of trails.

2. Tankenberg

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If you are looking for hill stations in the Netherlands, Tankenberg is a great place. The hill with a height of 85 meters above sea level lies in the municipality of Losser in Twente. It is known as the highest point of the Overijssel Province. The hill can be climbed from all sides, and the Siemertweg forms the longest ascent with a steep route. The mountain is formed by an ice age glacier and is a lateral moraine. Passberg, Austiberg and Hakenberg are a few nearest mountains. The area is known for its beautiful encounter with nature, and one can enjoy rides and walks through the landscape.

3.  Amerongse berg

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It is a hill with a height of 69 meters above sea level located in the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug and is the highest point of the province. The climb is almost 2 kilometers long and scored 23 on the difficulty index. Donderberg, Darthuizerberg and the Ruiterberg are a few other famous mountains in the area. The hills are located in the dense forest which is centuries old and is a heavenly place for nature lovers. This Netherlands hill stations is famous among cyclists and adventure lovers due to its height and steepness.

4. Dutch hills and Dutch Carribean Mountains

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These hilly places in Netherlands serve as major tourist destinations in the Carribean and Europe. There is an immense scope of activities apart from an encounter with the wildlife for any visitor. Mountaineering, hiking, bird sighting, rock climbing etc., are a few famous activities in this region. Vaalsberg, Schimperbosch, Brandaris, Klingelberg, and Jamanota are a few most surfed spots in these areas. Few areas are even protected for ecotourism as part of promoting wildlife conservation.

5. Vuurboetsduin

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The hill with a height of 45 meters above sea level is located on the Wadden island Vlieland. It is the highest spot in the province and also houses a lighthouse that is 18 meters tall. To reach the top one has to climb more than 200 steps and the lighthouse can be climbed during summers. The view from the top of the lighthouse is indeed a pleasure to the eyes. It is one of the honeymoon destinations Netherlands you must consider for vacation.

6. Vaalserberg

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Vaalserberg is the highest peak in the Netherlands. It is located in the province of Limburg, the southernmost part of the country. Belgium and Germany border Vaalserberg. The three-country point depicts the flags of all three countries with a small monument marker, and the summit is called the Drielandenpunt, i.e., the three-point country. The Vaalserberg is famous for its Amstel Gold Race and is climbed halfway through the race.

7. Mount Scenery

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Mount Scenery is an active volcano known as the Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean. The peak lies at 887 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest point on Saba Island. Saba island is known for its divine diving opportunities. The island offers a hike through a steep route of 1000 steps that are slippery as it is through a rainforest. The visitors who love adventures must try this activity once in life. The ideal time to visit this summit is 9 am or 10 am. Another way to reach Mount Scenery is the new Elfin Forest Trail starting from the Upper Hell’s Gate. The mountain houses rainforests, mosses and rich flora and fauna.

8. Mount Christoffelberg

hill stations of Netherlands
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The Christoffelberg, popularly called Mt Christoffel or Mt St Christoffel, is named after Saint Christopher. It is the highest point in Curacao. It lies in the reserved wildlife park, Curaçao Christoffelpark, which can be explored by car, bike, horse, or on foot using several trails laid out for this purpose. It also has the popular Christoffelberg park, the largest national park of Curaçao, known as the Christoffel National Park Savonet. Covered by 2300 hectares of flora and fauna, this is a place tourists would love to have a trail around.

9. Quill

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The Quill is the tallest summit on the island of Sint Eustatius, one of the less touristy islands in the Caribbean. Sint Eustatius, also known as Statia, is a dry island, but Statia is moister and has rain forests. The Quill is known for its good hike, exciting scenery, vegetation, and wildlife; the rainforest is also attractive and has a spectacular view. The trail starts at the end of Rosemary Lane, one of the most popular Quill trails to the crater rim. During the trek, the vegetation is lush, and there is wildlife.

10. Troy (Saba)

hill stations of Netherlands
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The Troy is the third highest point in the Netherlands, located in Saba, with its peak at 1,818 feet above sea level. The mountain houses a huge diversity of flora and fauna that attracts tourists worldwide. It also offers a favorite destination for mountaineering and hiking.

If you are planning a vacation in Netherlands, you can always plan an itinerary revolving around the mountains and hills of the country.